Vous l’aurez peut-être remarqué, ce site web mélange français et anglais…

…et après tout, why not?


Where do you live?
I live near Geneva, beetween Jura mountain and Leman lake, french side.
(hell on Earth…)

How old are you?
Old enough to have known and practiced film photography!

How did you learn Photography?
I am a self-taught artist. So I learned alone by reading books or magazines then in a Parisian club with other amateur and passionate photographers

It is your job?
No, it is not. Photography is just a hobby for me that I practice when I have (rare) free time.

What are your favorite photograpic themes?
When I started out, I was really a black and white film portrait purist. Then, with the arrival of digital photography, I widened my horizon to include landscapes and cityscapes and sometimes also in color.

What are your favorite technics?
Long exposure, during the day with water and at night in the city.
The simplicity of backlighting and black and white.

what can you tell us about your photo equipment?
Not much. I do not consider the photo equipment to be the most important, although it is true that it is easier when you are well equipped … I prefer to focus on the artistic side.

My photo manifesto

I can recognize the value of the second elements but I prefer the first.

  • Photography more than “Photoshop-graphy”. (improving the image more than transforming it)
  • Artistic creativity more than technique. (The artist’s expression more than the communication of his technical knowledge)
  • The image more than the material (Focus on the artist’s talent more than on his list of material)
  • The viewer’s appreciation more than the photographer’s speech. (The viewer’s sensitivity more than the artist’s argument)